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Our plan is very simple
Let’s say you are getting www.DailyTakeCare.com
Its is appraised at $5,000.00
We give you 20% discount $4,000.00
We have a way to finance.

Then we work with you to be part of our www.integrityCoop.com which will guide on how to www.BankYourName.com . The cost is $19.95 per client per sub site. To help you with marketing and promotion it will cost you and we can help.

You have exclusivity for your city.
How about selling a License in a 100 major cities for $100.00/year
That will amount to a whooping $10,000 per year.
You can run your own coop with a $30.00 per month per city which will amount at $36,000 per year

One banner ad which you have the right to sell to any non-competitive client at $50.00 each will generate another $6,000.00 per year. On your national BASE SITE you will sell a banner for $1000.00 per month for a total $12,000 per year, a tower banner for $350.00 per month, another $4,200.00 per year. Also a square button ad for $200.00 per month at $2,400.00 per year. So far total grant earning will be at least $60,600.00

To maintain a local and national advertising campaign it will cost you about $20,000 per year.
Your net profit still can amount at $40,000 or more.  

Think about it! The $4,000 dollars investment will give you a $40,000 return. Even if you pay us $10,000 per year to manage and oversee the site is still worth it!

Think about if you sell 200 licenses you profit can double at $80,000.00 per year.
Contact us at: www.IntegrityYellowPages.com
or call 916-226-7242.

A great name is a terrible thing to waste!